The nation had just about the best 100 Days in History. What? You Don’t Believe Me?


A lie is more comfortable than doubt, more useful than love,more lasting than truth.

— Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I had thought to resist the temptation of writing about The Big D’s first 100 days in office. I wasn’t really keen to relive those moments; the wounds were still weeping and I saw no reason to risk further infection.

Alas, my mind is proving once again not the captain of my spirit; and, here I am about to add my ha’penny’s worth to the conversation. Even if what follows doesn’t contribute much to the national dialogue, scrabble players should find it to have some redeeming value. Except for UnBannoned, which I needed to make up to make my point, all the other words are legit as far as standard and scrabble dictionaries are concerned.

I came upon this format quite by accident. When gathering my thoughts, I couldn’t help noticing that many of the adjectives I was jotting down started with the un prefix — so I went with it. What follows is a list of the 124 words I think reflect the tenor and (un)accomplishments of the Trump administration in his first c-note of days.

Unabridged: What happened to Chris Christie’s chances of becoming Attorney General.

Unabashed: Trump’s disdain for the liberal press and the middle of the road media.

Unacclimatized: What Trump has directed EPA administer Pruitt to do to the environment.

Unadapted: What many of Trump’s cabinet will be till their last day in office.

Unadvised: What appears to be the case with The Donald way too often.

Unafraid: What Trump’s core supporters feel but shouldn’t, they’re in it as much as the rest of us.

Unalienable: The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness given to all- by the creator, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Unaligned: Donald Trump with the mainstream members of the Republican Party.

Unamiable: How Trump’s campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson and other of his mouthpieces always seem to me.

Unanalyzed: The latest version of “Tryancare” health reform by the Congressional Budget Office.

Unanimity: What Trump has caused the Democratic Party to seek post-election.

Unanswerable: The questions of how and why anyone would have voted for The Donald.

Unapologetic: The 45th President of these here United States, pretty much about everything.

Unappealing: Watching both the Comment Not News and the Feed Our Xenophobia networks, just about any time of day or night.

Unapplied: Reason, logic and common sense in the formulation of most of Trump’s policy positions.

Unappreciated: What I’m sure Trump thinks he is by the media, liberals, progressives, foreign leaders, women, minorities, et. al.

Unappropriate: What most Democrats think of Trump’s occupation of the Oval Office.

Unarmed: What most of the victims — men, women and children — of the Syrian civil war are.

Unasked : Me — to join the administration. Hard to believe, I agree.

Unassuageable: Hillary Clinton’s feelings of guilt having lost to the Donald.

Unassured: Most minorities when Trump says trust me, what’ve you got to lose?

Unauthorized: The phone taps Trump swears Obama put on his phones in NYC.

Unavenged: Truth in the age of Trump.

Unavoidable: Possibly a confrontation with North Korea.

Unaware: What The Donald was of how difficult being president would be. Right you are Donald, who could’ve possibly known?

UnBannoned: What most had hoped would happen by now, but hasn’t. There is still hope, however. Go Kushners!

Unbearable: Having to hear Attorney General Sessions speak about justice and fair play.

Unbelievable: Just about everything that comes out of the White House and the President’s boca.

Unbiblical: The kind of knowledge of women Trump would have been better off having, if he was intending to run for the presidency — or anything else.

Unbidden: Most of The Donald’s tweets.

Unblamed: President Trump by his supporters for any failures in the first 100 days.

Unbuilt: To-date the border wall, thankfully. Here’s hoping it will stay that way.

Unbureaucratic: What Trump and his brain truss had hoped to turn the federal government into — within the first 100 days.

Uncaring: How Trump appears to liberals, women, minorities, illegal aliens, et. al.

Uncensured: What Trump is too little of, e.g. when speaking with the Australian prime ministers, German chancellors and anyone not a supporter.

Uncivil: The notions I have when blogging about The Donald.

Uncharacteristic: Trump’s horror seeing the pictures of children gassed by Bashar al-Assad — even if it was Ivanka who told him he needed to be.

Uncola: Nothing to do with Trump — I was just having one and remembered the old @7UP commercial.

Uncomfortable: How Trump makes most women feel.

Uncompromising: The Donald when telling the world how Great America has become in the first 100 days in The Age of Trump.

Unconscionable: Trump’s claiming his first 100 days are among the most accomplished in U.S. history.

Uncontested: The President’s love of golf and Mar-a-Lago and the affection he has for his children.

Uncontrollable: Trump’s: thumbs; libido; paranoia; inferiority complex; mouth; and, more.

Unconventional: The First Lady’s remaining in NYC and the first daughter’s occupation of the White House.

Uncool: The dab, @Speaker Ryan and Congressman Marshall’s son Cal at the oath taking of his father.

Uncounted: The 3 million people Trump says he saw at his swearing-in ceremony that no one else was able to see, even in the post-event snaps.

Uncoupled: The President and First Lady, at least until the end of Barron’s school year in May or June.

Uncouth: The Donald, Mini Donald and the other one — what’s his name?

Uncovered: Unreported relationships between Trump advisers and Russia.

Unctuous: The President when speaking of almost anyone he wants to believe him, e.g. I love Mexico, her people are terrific, same goes for Muslims.

Uncurbed: The tongues of The Donald and a good deal of his associates and surrogates, e.g. Giuliani, Spicey and Conway.

Undaunted: The Big D — his own self — when his alternative facts are challenged.

Undecipherable: Many of the President’s concept of reality and the words “bigly and yuge.”

Undefeated: President Trump in a national election.

Undemocratic: The Congress, White House and around 23 state governments. Things may change after the mid-terms, however.

Undeniable: That Trump won — as much as some have tried to deny it.

Underemployed: Me, since Trump’s election victory and cancellation of the Clean Power Plan and few other things. Ok, that’s a shameless solicitation — color me unashamed.

Underestimated: Trump’s chances to have been elected — by most pundits and polls.

Underfed: Certainly, not The Donald — another quarter-pounder big boy?

Underfunded: What any remaining clean energy and environment and science programs will be for the next several fiscal years.

Unqualified: Just about everyone in the cabinet when it comes to governing.

Under-investigation: Many Trump associates e.g. Pruitt, Flynn, Carter, Manafort, Stone

Undersecretaries: Not likely what Trump thinks it means, as it has nothing to do with the location of two or more parties. Neither is it an oblique reference about Bill Clinton time in the Oval office.

Undersigned: The name “Donald John Trump” on a record number of executive orders.

Undertones: Racism, homophobia, misogyny, Hispanophobia, Islamophobia in a goodly number of the president’s speeches and remarks.

Undeveloped: The administrations sense of justice and equality.

Undiplomatic: President Trump, Secretary of State Tillerson — others who will go unnamed

Undivided: What Americans basically were until extremists took over and dogma and doctrine got in the way of reason and compromise.

Undoable: Cutting taxes as proposed, without raising the deficit at the same time

Undoing: All trade agreements Trump considers “bad deals” for the U.S, e.g. NAFTA. TPP.

Undocumented: Millions of scared, productive people in the U.S. currently contributing to society and now threatened with deportation.

Undone: What most career federal employees are feeling about now.

Undoubtedly: Things will not turn out well for the environment in the age of Trump.

Uneasy: How U.S. allies feel thinking about Trump’s thumbs being on the nuke button

Uneducated: A large majority of those in the Trump administration about how laws are made, the U.S. Constitution, civility, the consequences of lying, etc.

Unelected: Bannon, Kushner, I. Trump, DeVos, Pruitt, Conway, Zinke, Mulvaney,

Unemployable: Likely Donald Jr. and his other brother what’s his name, if it wasn’t for their father.

Unendurable: Having to listen to President Trump for another 3 years and 252 days +/-.

Unenforceable: Recent executive orders on immigration and sanctuary cities.

Unenviable: The position of White House Press Secretary.

Unequal: Everyone, in the eyes of President Trump, who aren’t President Trump.

Unexceptional: Trump’s accomplishments in his first 100 days in office.

Unfathomable: How President Trump can get away with some of the shit he does.

Unfettered: Sanders and Warren’s opposition to many of Trump’s policies and the tycoon himself.

Unfilled: Most senior political positions throughout the federal executive branch.

Unfit: President Donald for the highest office in the land.

Unflinching: Opponents of Trump’s clean energy and environmental proposals.

Unfolding: The future of the nation and undoubtedly the world.

Unfortunate: The belief of Trump and Congressional Republicans that the election has given them a mandate to rule. Luckily, they still seem to lack the capacity.

Unfounded: The President’s accusation that over 3 million fraudulent ballots were cast, the size of his adoring crowds and who’s following him.

Unfriendly: The Donald’s treatment of any nation or person who dares to disagree.

Unfunded: What Trump would like @Planned Parenthood to be.

Unfunny: Trump’s “skinny budget.”

Ungodly: The awfulness of the alt- facts the President spouts and surrogates repeat and try to substantiate.

Ungracious: Donald J. Trump in victory; Donald J. Trump in defeat; and Donald J. Trump just about any time.

Unhappy: Quite possibly, Donald J. Trump as president.

Unhinged: A number of Trump advisers, e.g. R. Giuliani, S. Miller, M. Flynn, et. al.

Unimpeachable: What many Democrats and Republicans hope desperately is not the case.

Unimpeded: The commitment of most sanctuary cities to remain sanctuary cities

Unimpressed: What I am by Trump’s ability to read from a teleprompter.

Uninformed: The Donald on most things and the difference between fact and fiction.

Uninsured: At least 24 million more people than now, if Tryancare replaces Obamcare.

Unintended: Many of the consequences — I am sure — of Trump’s outlandish policy positions will be having before too long.

Unique: The confirmation of Gorsuch as the newest member of SCOTUS. This was, perhaps, the only straight-up success of the first 100 days.

Unjust: Pretty much anything Attorney General Sessions does with Trump’s blessing.

Unknowing: President Trump about the complexity of healthcare reform, the presidency, dealing with other nations, staying out of war, etc.

Unmitigated: The gall exhibited by Trump and AG Sessions when judges don’t agree with them.

Unneeded: Trump’s friggin’ border wall.

Unprincipled: Many Trump advisers and confidants — Flynn, Bannon, Pruitt, Sessions, et al.

Unpriced: The cost of Trump’s proposed tax overhaul.

Unregulated: If Trump has his way — industry, the environment, drug manufacture, Wall St., consumer protection, the housing industry and much more.

Unrequited: Certainly not Trump’s love of self.

Unseated: What House Speaker Ryan will be if he doesn’t get better at what he does.

Unsettled: What citizens of Mexico, Canada and the Americas are feeling about NAFTA

Unspoken: Certainly NOT Donald’s opinion of judges, the need to tear down the constitutional barriers separating the three branches of government or most anything else that sweeps in under the orange rug.

Unsubstantiated: Donald’s claims that President Obama had wire tapped his Trump Tower phones.

Unsuccessful: What Trump is likely to be in his efforts to give tax breaks to the top 1 percent.

Unsung: Career civil servants who are responsible for the day-to-day workings of government and can protect the public from out-sized executive egos.

Unsuspecting: Most Republicans of just how ill-suited Trump is to be president.

Untested: Trump’s and Tillerson’s negotiating skills in the international arena and during crises.

Untried: Trump’s thinking rationally about the many consequences of his promised actions and fabrications.

Unviewed: Trump’s past tax returns and most likely his future ones as well.

Unwillingness Trump’s acceptance of judicial decisions that challenge the constitutionality of his executive orders.

Unwitting The kind of dupe — of the Alt-Right — The Donald is and doesn’t realize.

Finally —

There are over 3200 words beginning with un in the English language. I anticipate writing about what happens in Trump’s second hundred days and each 100 days after that. It is my fervent hope that President Trump will run out of (un)accomplishments before I run out of the words to describe them.

The article was first posted on my blog at There are differences in formatting due to the differing programs of each platform.



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